Rancilio Invicta 2-Group

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Rancilio is embarking on a new era with its forthcoming, high-end line of espresso machines, Rancilio Specialty RS1.

The Invicta helps coffee professionals offer a better coffee experience  by providing cutting-edge brewing technology combined with Rancilio expertise and a unique workflow design, resulting in an easy to use espresso machine with a great value.

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The Invicta represents the inclinations of the modern cafe: efficient, precise, and inviting. Quick-locking steam activation requires only a quarter turn to activate, and the cool-touch steam wands prevent burning. Three buttons per group allow quick activation of programmed brew cycles, with low pressure preinfusion and volumetric controls that ensure each espresso is brewed with the best possible care. The Invicta’s touchscreen interface allows users to easily navigate brewing parameters for dialing in espresso.

The engine of the Invicta is what drives its ingenuity. Using only a single boiler and building on Rancilio’s Steady Brew tech, the regulated heat exchange circuit features an insulated group that maintains temperature as the thermosiphon circulates hot water when not in use. When activated, the Invicta’s programming knows exactly how to heat the group with its Smart Flush feature. A T-switch on each group allows the user to independently control temperature further.

Cutting Edge Brewing Technology

Innovative brewing

Unique Workflow Design

Enhanced coffee experience

Providing baristas with enhanced workflow, resulting in less preparation time and better customer experience.


New stainless steel, weight balanced portafilters with a soft touch, ergonomic grip. Designed to sit flat for stable and consistent tamping.

Low profile body

Compact, low profile body designed to facilitate customer interaction and service operations.

Barista-focused espresso workflow

The Invicta's streamlined interface is designed for ease of use and consistency.

Real low pressure preinfusion for better espresso extraction
Quick-locking steam knobs require only a quarter turn to open
Cool-touch steam wands support a safer barista environment
Programmable brew buttons are easily adjusted through the interface
Low-profile silhouette facilitates customer interaction and visibilty
Digital touchscreen interface
2 programmable hot water buttons

Grouphead with dedicated display

Dedicated screen for each brew group displays a digital shot clock and extraction temperature. Groupheads also feature simplified actuation and ample lighting provided by LED Lights.

Rancilio Expertise

Efficiency at its best

Rancilio expertise, employing our rich history of excellence and reliability.

Digital Touchscreen Interface

Ten years of developing and designing barista interfaces. Allows quick and easy access to all programming via the digital touchscreen.

Each group is programmable via the digital touchscreen interface. Unmatched temperature control during the extraction allows the barista to fine tune every shot.

Steam lever power can be modified through the digital touchscreen interface, two power levels are available, ideal for different pitcher sizes and different types of milk.

Cup warmer temperature directly changeable via the digital touchscreen interface, with five different levels to choose from.

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