Pressure Brewed Coffe

Pressure Brewed Coffee


What is                  Pressure Brewed Coffee:
                  It is regular black coffee brewed                  under
                  High Pressure.
                  It is brewed similarly like an espresso.


Pressure                  Brew                  Aroma                  System:
                  Use a regular espresso machine.
                  Use a medium to light roast coffee blend
                  (may add some robusta).
                  Grind coffee medium to fine.
                  Brew 6 oz. of coffee into a cup.


How does                  Pressure Brewed Coffee Look Like:
                  If brewed right, it is crowned                  with a gold colored froth, also referred to as crèma,                  preserving the full aroma of the freshly brewed coffee.


Pressure Brew Aroma          System:

Coffee          Extraction on Schaerer Coffee Machines:          



Coffee Extraction on Filter Drip Machines:

          If the extraction is kept under 20 seconds, following benefits result          from Pressure Brewing:

Benefits of
          Pressure Brewing:

Because of the short          extraction time, the extraction of unwanted substances such as          caffeine and tannin is reduced!




Up          to 30% less caffeine compared to regular filter coffee.


100%          aroma is extracted providing the unmistakable aroma of freshly          brewed coffee.

Tannic Acid:

Almost          no Tannic Acid (Tannin), enabling people with sensitive stomachs to          enjoy their coffee again.


Color          is extracted at the beginning and starts fading after a few seconds.


Ensure that the extraction is kept under 20 seconds.
 If the extraction is too long the coffee will turn bitter,
 also referred to as over extracted.


Reasons for over-extraction:

bulletGrounds too fine. Use a courser              ground to reduce the extraction time.
bulletBrewing pressure too low. Get your              machine checked out.
bulletCup size too large. Use maximum 6              oz. cups.

 By the way:

Understanding  the above extraction curves, after 20 seconds the espresso machine can be turned off and hot water can be added to the cup without sacrificing the quality of the coffee! This is how Caffe Americano is made, except a dark espresso roast is being used.



If large cups are desired,
        a commercial espresso machine
        with Water By-Pass capabilities is required
        to prevent over-extraction!





The Bottom Line...

Anyone with an espresso machine
          can produce high quality gourmet Pressure Brewed Coffee
          and start benefiting from an endless list:


Irresistible Aroma:

Pressure          Brewing provides for an incomparable fresh coffee beverage.

Always Fresh:

Every cup is          individually ground and brewed.

Increased Sales:

Your customers          will always come back again for another unmistakable cup of fresh          coffee, because of the distinct aroma characteristics. Let your          customers experience the difference.

Reduce per cup cost:

Most people use          their expensive espresso machine for specialty coffee drinks only.          Start brewing regular coffee on the espresso machine as well,          resulting in a lower per cup cost. Promote the beverage as Premium          House Coffee.

 No waste:

Because every          cup is individually brewed, there is no need to through away a stale          pot of coffee, resulting in cost savings.

 Health Factors:

Pressure          Brewing literally provides a healthier coffee.


No need for          filters that end up on the landfill.          

Modern machines will only heat water on demand resulting in reduced          energy consumption.


Only one Machine:

Only one          machine is necessary to dispense a variety of beverages such as          Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Tea, Hot Chocolate etc...