The Journey of Coffee

The long Journey of the Coffee Bean into your Cup of Coffee

The Plantation... Tropical Highlands

Coffee prospers exclusively in tropical countries with high air humidity and an average temperature of at least 20°C. Coffee trees are usually planted in plantations, where they are maintained and preserved for up to 25 years.
The harvesting of the coffee cherries...

Depending upon cultivation area and altitude a coffee tree can bloom every season. Nine to ten months after the main bloom time, the cherries will be harvested. The cherries normally contain two beans.

The cherries on the tree. Usually two beans each

 Picking and drying... Picking the cherries


Air drying after washing

Manual labour plays an important role in the harvesting and sorting of the dark red and ripe cherries: Afterwards the valuable beans are separated from the cherries. Drying the washed beans requires much time and attention.

Stock exchange and trade, coffee goes on the journey...
World-wide coffee is considered as the second most important merchandise. The largest place of trading is the New Yorker stock exchange, where exclusively central and South American Arabica beans are traded. At the stock exchange in London, trading of the African Robusta beans is more common.
Filled up in bags of 60 to 70 Kilos, the long journey begins in the sea port of the country of origin to the various roasting companies. Coffee is still transported by ship, as it was centuries ago.

Shipping Containers of Coffee

... and is delivered to your local coffee roaster.

The carefully selected coffee, still packaged in the original bags,  arrives by train or truck at the local roasting facilities near you. Here the fastidious process of the refinement begins.

The strict selection... Sampling the goodies

Here begins, what is to inspire the coffee lovers at a later time. Before the purchase as well as after the arrival of the selected coffee, samples are taken, roasted and sampled by a competent jury under strict quality procedures. The jury will decide whether a coffee fulfills the high quality requirements.

A delightful aroma due to careful roasting...

The incomparable flavour and aroma of coffee blends are achieved by exact mixing (blending) and careful roasting. Selected from first-class coffee beans, our coffee blends are an inspiration, each day fresh, cup by cup, an irresistible treat!
High Tec roasting and blending equipment

Packaging, with an optimal aroma sealant...

 Environment friendly Packaging
In order to preserve the fine flavour, an optimal packaging is required as sealant. The foil developed particularly by packaging experts guarantees a first-class flavour protection due to excellent barrier characteristics. The aluminum-free packaging is also characterized by highest environmental compatibility.

Consulting and expert advise, our strength...

We take pride in our expert consultation and customer support. Our sales and service representatives help you  with concepts and   promotional sales tools, ensuring your coffee operations turn up profits. Please call upon us and test our irresistible pressure brewed coffee. Enter the world of our coffee, and discover that Coffee is not just coffee!

Call upon us, we're here for you

Quality control and customer satisfaction...

 Quality Check

We know what it takes to serve a high quality beverage. After all, it's our coffee and our machines.
When our staff delivers your coffee, frequent quality checks are performed and all the brewing parameters are monitored and adjusted if necessary.

You will never have to worry about your coffee operations, we will take care of that so you can focus on running your business...