Increase Quality with Automation

Understand the Art of Coffee Brewing:
SupraMatic can offer coffee seminars helping you to understand how to brew the perfect cup. You will learn all about the important factors such as water quality, sanitation, roast, blend, grind, tannic acids, caffeine, coffee chemistry and of course the brewing equipment.

Reduce cost by eliminating waste:
Because the coffee beans are ground and the coffee is brewed on demand on Super Automatic coffee machines by the touch of a button, there is no need to through away a stale pot of coffee every half an hour. Read about the Pressure Brew Aroma System.

Minimize Labor Requirements:
Super Automatic coffee machines come with built in grinders. All you need to do is place the cup underneath the spout and push a button. The machine will automatically grind the coffee beans, brew a coffee, espresso, cappuccino or Latte and discharge the used grinds into a container.

Eliminate Waiter training:
No need to teach waiters how to froth milk for a cappuccino because all you need to do is place the cup underneath the spout and push a button and the machine dispenses a fully flavored coffee, espresso or cappuccino. Ideal for businesses with high staff turn over.

Increase Quality:
Brewing coffee, espresso or cappuccino on Super automatic machines ensures consistant quality, no mater who brews the beverage, no mater what location and no mater what time of day.

Reduce the Risk of Workers Compensation:
Have you ever heard of the so called Espresso Wrist? The cause for this type of injury is the repetitive movement of the wrist experienced during the operation of conventional espresso machines. Super Automatic machines do all the work for you. Grinding, grind compression and used grinds discharge. No need for the Bang Box.

Reduce Energy Consumption:
Water his heated on demand. No need to waste energy to keep a hole pot of coffee warm at all the times.

Make your Customers come back:
Super Automatic coffee machines incorporate pressure brewing techniques. Because of the short contact time between water and coffee grind, only aroma is extracted from the grinds, leaving all the unwanted substances such as tannic acids in the grinds. This brewing process crowns every cup of coffee or espresso with a frothy cap or also called Crema. The result is the unmistakable aroma of an irresistible cup of coffee, espresso or cappuccino.

Increase Selection:
Spoil your customers with an endless variety of coffee specialties. Super Automatic coffee machines will not limit your capabilities. Let your imagination go wild. Be creative designing your menu. Offer daily specials to your customers.

Eliminate unnecessary Equipment:
Produce beverages such as Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Tea and many other specialty coffees on one Super Automatic machine. Don't waste valuable counter top space by cluttering it with different equipment. The Super Automatic coffee machine takes up only 17" in width.

High Productivity:
Produce up to 240beverages per hour on one machine. Place the Super Automatic coffee machine in a strategic location so that the waiter can do other tasks while the equipment is brewing the selected beverage.

Increased Reliability:
The Super Automatic Coffee machines are manufactured by M. Schaerer Ltd. in Switzerland. The company is the first and only manufacturer of Super Automatic equipment certified by ISO 9001 Quality standards. Every machine is therefor built to the highest standards in quality and workmanship ensuring a trouble free operation of the equipment and reducing down time.

Don't let the Milk go sour:
The Super Automatic coffee machine can be furnished with a built in refrigerator to keep your milk chilled. No need to move your milk constantly to a remote refrigerator or have it sitting in a bowl of ice.
Your health inspector will appreciate that feature!

Self Cleaning:
An important factor in brewing high quality coffee is sanitation. Super Automatic machines are equipped with a self cleaning feature, making it a child's play to keep the machine clean.
NEW: We feature the only espresso machine with an integrated automatic milk sanitizing system!