Frothing Milk with Steam Wand

Most businesses come to us demanding idiot proved systems, don't go away yet, read on because this is the most reliable and fail safe solution!

This is still the most popular way of heating up milk for Cappuccino and Latte thanks to advances in technology. 

The steam wand is submerged in fresh milk held inside a stainless steel frothing pitcher. In order to produce foamed milk for cappuccino, the pitcher is lowered until the steam tip or nozzle starts pulling air into the milk. Most businesses today cannot afford to train staff anymore to master this procedure.

So, thanks to technology advances, even the novice user can now produce high quality specialty beverages in record speeds, just like a professional Barista. We have several degrees auf automation available within this sector to eliminate staff training while maintaining high quality standards:


Fine Steam Wand

Prepare Barista Style beverages without training. The Finesteam feature allows anyone to create thick, rich, dense cappuccino foam with multiple milk types. At the push of a button, the Steam Wand automatically infuses milk with air and steam to deliver rich, creamy foam every time. 
The Steam Wand's temperature probe with auto shut-off guarantees consistent, accurate milk temperature every time. Take the Art out of the Barista, Hands Free!
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The Fine Steam technology is available on

Auto Steam or Smart Steam Wand

With the AutoSteam wand option there is no need to attend the espresso machine. The milk temperature is monitored and the Steam Wand shuts off at the correct milk temperature.
Staff still needs to understand how to pull air into the milk. But once a certain amount of air is in the milk, the pitcher can be left unattended until the steam wand stops automatically. This frees up staff to attend to other tasks resulting in large labour cost savings.
The Auto Steam technology is available on:

Micro Steam Wand

The MicroSteam Wand enables full control over the consistency of the foamed milk. This solution is perfect for staff that are able to pour Latte Art. Take full control over your milk, the way you're used to.
The steam solution is designed to allow for a slower heat up period and a longer rolling phase to ensure the final milk textures turns out creamy and silky.
The Micro Steam technology is available on:
 All Milk Systems to froth milk:
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