Return and Refund Policy

Return and Refund Policy

Product Returns:  

Before returning any orders, please use the Contact Us form or call us at 1-877-465-2883 ext 6 for the Order Desk (9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time) for a Return Authorization or further direction. We will not accept machines returned without authorization. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Please note that machines are usually tested prior to shipping. This is why you may find grounds residues inside the machine.

A full refund is only warranted to unused machines and merchandise. We reserve the right to deduct our original shipping costs. Even if the item was shipped as "Free Shipping" we did encounter shipping costs which will be deducted. You can ask us how much the shipping charge was for a shipment before you return the item to us. We reserve the right to a 15% restocking fee if machines are returned without a return authorization or have been used.

Some brands cannot be returned to our store under any circumstances. They must be sent to their respective distributors or service centres. Check the item description on our website for such details.

Some of the brands we provide service and repair for are Schaerer,  Eversys, WMF, ECM, Profitec, Rocket, Lelit, LaSpaziale, Quick Mill, Rancilio, Lelit, Miele, Gaggia, Saeco, Delonghi and only the specific models that we sell on our website.   There are authorized service centres for all other brands that you will have to send your machine to for service.   We cannot send them to a service centre on your behalf.

It is advisable to call a service centre for the brand you purchased directly in order to try to troubleshoot the machine (the phone number will be in the box and on our sales receipt or you can call us to get it). If it comes back to us for testing, and we can find nothing wrong with it, we will send it back to you at your expense.

All returns must be made within 30 days of receipt of the merchandise. We reserve the right to troubleshoot over the phone and you are responsible for making a full effort to assist us in resolving machine problems by phone by attempting our suggestions in good faith and honestly reporting the results. If we can't repair it over the phone, we will ask you to ship it back to us or to the authorized service centre, depending on the brand.

You may use any shipping company you wish for shipping but you must ship it in your own name and not under our account in order to protect your right to file a claim for any damage sustained during shipping. We strongly recommend getting insurance for its full value as you are liable for the shipment.

Securely pack items and seal the package. Attach From/To Labels to the package. Remove any other shipping labels. Please retain a copy of the shipping receipt and tracking number, as this is your proof of shipment if the machine is lost or damaged. Make sure you retain all original packaging and the machine is absolutely clean and NO WATER is inside (risk of freezing) before shipping. You will be charged if you return the machine without all packaging and parts and are not returned in good condition. (this includes instruction booklets).

We recommend saving all boxes and packing material from the machine, just in case it needs to be returned.  We refuse any liability due to shipping damage.


The machine will be inspected upon its return to ensure all original items are included (user manuals, accessories, etc.). Then the machine will be tested to confirm a defect. We will advise of the next step once we ascertain the condition of the machine within 5 business days after we received the item back.

Whether you will receive a new machine in replacement, have your machine repaired, or receive a refund or credit will be determined after we receive the machine.   For many machines, the decision will be made by the machine manufacturer and not by us.   Therefore, we cannot promise any particular resolution in advance.

Non Returnable Items:  

Food items such as coffee, syrups, sauces etc CANNOT be returned due to strict food safety regulations.

Consumables such as cleaning and descaling products, water filters and softeners, paper filters are non returnable.

Generally parts cannot be returned. So please make sure you order the correct parts for your brand and model.

Currency Exchange Rates:

Please note that all prices and transactions done on our website are in Canadian Funds. If you are looking to return or cancel an order and paid in US Dollars, most likely you will not receive the paid amount back due to service charges and exchange rate differences by your bank.