Rancilio Classe 11

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Classe 11


Like nothing you have seen before, a unique combination of technology and traditional espresso brewing.

  • Touch screen command panel for rapid navigation, inspired by smart phone technology
  • Outstanding design statement
  • CONNECT built-in software sends machine stats via WiFi to remote users for real-time monitoring of machines
  • Available with revolutionary Xcelsius brewing technology - Learn more about Xcelsius
  • Available in three amazing colors (Frozen Bronze, Midnight Blue and Pearl White)
  • Up to 4 different programmable brew doses
  • Automated daily cleaning program
  • Work area LED lights
  • Clever steam wand handle - fast action & ergonomic
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Hot water outlet with different temperature options
  • 1-year parts warranty
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                                                                                                    Classe 11 Xcelsius                                                                            

Available with Revolutionary Xcelsius Technology

Xcelsius is a unique temperature profiling technology that allows baristas to control the brewing temperature on a curve increasing or decreasing the temperature during the extraction process.  

Xcelsius Technology

A flash of inspiration was needed in an overly conformist industry, a
winning idea that would be ahead of its time and set new standards.
“I wanted a product that would break decisively with
everything we had offered in the past. A product that
would perfectly interpret and express the main aspects
of the digital revolution we are currently experiencing”.
Giorgio Rancilio was clear with his employees from the outset and gave
them an unmistakeable brief:
“Create a revolution”.
And after countless discarded ideas, that is exactly what happened.
Classe 11 is much more than Rancilio’s new professional coffee
machine: it is the new benchmark for coffee lovers, a unique and
forward-looking solution

Classe 11 achieves perfect intuition that develops from an
intense and memorable relationship.
The difference compared
to other machines is immediately evident because Classe 11 redefines
the chemistry between man and technology, revolutionising coffee-
drinking with touchscreen technology. This was Rancilio’s business
idea: to equip its coffee machine with the world’s most widely used
technology and thus develop the familiarity that only a common
language can provide. A machine you can navigate using quick and
simple menus, just like a smart phone, and a lexicon of instantly
recognisable icons, with a display that provides real time feedback on
what the machine is doing. With these features and this revolutionary
Classe 11 is a coffee machine that brings out all
the qualities of the espresso virtuoso because Classe 11 is
a machine that speaks for itself




There is a place where molecules and chemical reactions take centre stage and suddenly come to life. They take shape, come closer and become less abstract, even in the eyes of non-experts. They become part of daily life and of what we eat and drink. The secret of a perfect coffee lies in that unique and mysterious alchemy that is ingrained in the history of both food and literature. The perfect coffee is pure poetry and, like all poems, it is a careful balance of verses and syllables, mathematical rhythms and harmonies.
Art is science. Even where coffee is concerned. Which is why changes in water temperature, combined with the chemical and physical properties of the blend, completely transform the sensory properties of the espresso. This is demonstrated by the Xcelsius system, creating amazement and curiosity. Igniting sparks, questions, debates and academic research because it opened up a whole realm of coffee options for the first time. In a process that lasts only a few seconds lies the difference between a coffee with more acidic, sweeter or more bitter notes. That is why a coffee lover has to be able to control this process. This insight led to the development of Xcelsius, the system created in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Turin and patented by Rancilio LAB to act more easily and decisively on the temperature at which water is dispensed. We started right here, from the management of this important variable in the dispensing process. And the results were astonishing. Configuring Xcelsius is simple and intuitive, thanks to the graphics and information provided by the touch and keypad displays, which shows the initial and final temperature of the profiles set for each dispensing unit. Reading is made easier by the light bars that highlight the Up, Down or Stable temperature status. Thanks to the CAN-bus technology, when the temperature setting is changed on the Touch display, it changes instantly on the keypad display as well.
Not only does Xcelsius excel at always ensuring the best sensory results for the blend, it also guarantees thermal stability in each brewing group in accordance with World Coffee Events standards. It also ensures the complete autonomy of the groups, so that different temperatures can be set and energy consumption optimised based on requirements.

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