Curtis Genesis Bean-To-Cup Coffee Brewer

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The Genesis is the first purpose-built, automated, bean-to-cup machine from Curtis designed exclusively around pressure brewed coffee.  It’s the first collaboration of SEB PROFESSIONAL North America company's three premium brands: WMF, Schaerer and Curtis.
The Genesis is enhanced with signature Schaerer and WMF features such as Telemetry, flexibility and bean-to-cup performance. Along with these benefits, Curtis brings an 80-year reputation for intuitive operation, user-friendly technology and efficiency to the new Genesis bean-to-cup brewer. Only 12.8" wide.

  • CAD$15,900.00


Perfect single-serve coffee at its absolute freshest.

The Curtis Genesis utilizes a pressure brewing method similar to espresso. Whole beans are ground coarsely, channeled into a brewing mechanism and lightly tamped. Under pressure, hot water evenly extracts flavor and oils consistently for each cup. Upon pressure extraction, perfectly brewed coffee is dispensed into a single-serve cup. Foam is created as the coffee leaves the pressurized system.  That’s why we say foam is fresh!

Traditional batch brewing is strictly reliant on the operator to maintain the machine and brew coffee throughout the day. For optimum freshness and taste, the staff needs to ensure coffee is rotated every couple of hours. Any unsold coffee should be disposed of and a new batch brewed. This process can quickly eat up profits as it’s very labor dependent and can be wasteful depending on the day part.

It’s time for a new way of brewing. The Curtis Genesis delivers absolute freshness with minimized waste and lower labor costs. It’s the best solution in every cup.


  • 2 hoppers for multiple coffee blends
  • Integrated grinders (1 per hopper)
  • 10 inch touch screen - large icons - simple user-friendly interface
  • tall dispensing spout (8 inch clearance)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 12.8" x 23.3" x 31.6
  • Telemetry
  • 28 gram automat
  • 150 drinks per day
  • 220 volts / 20 amp

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