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Since 1880 WMF has dealt with the preparation of coffee. The first WMF large coffee machine originates from the year 1927. A vast number of groundbreaking innovations followed when WMF purchased Schaerer.

Latte Art Video with the
Schaerer Ambiente Power Steam
Espresso Machine

The Power Pack

Here is what you need:

1. Micro Steam Nozzle
2. Lower Steam Boiler Temperature
3. Calibrate Steam Shut Off Temperature Sensor
4. Latte Art Frothing Pitcher


Latte Art Video with the
Schaerer Coffee Art Fine Steam
Espresso Machine

Here is what you need:

1. Calibrate the Latte product button to create Micro Foam
2. Latte Art Frothing Pitcher



Latte Art
Instruction Guide

Latte Art is the big buzz today. We have many people visiting our showroom to learn how to create Latte Art. This is something you can't learn in 5 minutes.
It takes a lot of practice, trial and error.

We want to cover the basics so to understand what techniques are involved.

First, you need a very smooth velvety milk texture to create latte art. If the milk is too foamy, you just end up with a thick layer of white foam on top of the beverage. We provided following article to cover the milk foaming and steaming basics:

 Milk Foaming and Steaming Guide

Second, you need an espresso with thick crema as a base. It is the mixing of the espresso crema with the micro foam that eventually creates the contrast of latte art. Generally 100% Arabica beans create a thinner creama. You'll find that a blend with some parts of Robusta Beans will produce a thicker crema. You can also sprinkle some chocolate or cinnamon powder on top of the creama to enhance the contrast.

Third, the shape of the cup will determine the technique used to create latte art. Experiment with different shapes to find the one that is easy to use for you.

The easiest designs to create are the Heart and the Rosetta.

The speed and height at which you pour the milk into the cup will have an effect on the design. Pouring from a high level will cause the micro foam to go right thru the crema and build a milk foam layer underneath the crema.


When milk is poured from a lower level and the pouring speed is increased, more foam will mix on the top layer together with the crema. This is the technique used to create patterns in the top layer.


To create the Rosetta Latte Art, start pouring the milk from a medium height on the far corner of the cup. Once the foam starts building on the top layer, start swinging the pitcher sideways to create the Rosetta pattern.
To finish up the Rosatta and create the stem, move the pitcher towards the far side across the patterns.


The Heart Latte Art is one of the easiest to create. Tilt the cup slightly and start pouring the milk in the centre at a low level. By increasing the speed of pouring milk, the foam will start building in 2 circles with opposite rotations. To finish up the Heart, move the pitcher across the circles to the far end.
Source: Schaerer Latte Art Book



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