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Since 1880 WMF has dealt with the preparation of coffee. The first WMF large coffee machine originates from the year 1927. A vast number of groundbreaking innovations followed when WMF purchased Schaerer.

WMF 1500 S

Based on the NEW GENERATION-Platform, the WMF1500S is the successor of our top-seller coffee machine - the WMF presto!. The previous variations have convinced our customers through price performance, slim design and excellent coffee quality.  As the subsequent model, the WMF1500S includes all of the great qualities of our previous models and improves upon them in many areas. The new design and the black touch screen immediately catch the eye. The optional EASY MILK-System for hot milk, hot milk foam and also cold milk, opens up entirely new opportunities. With rock-solid workmanship and high-quality components, the WMF1500S ensure that your guests can be spoiled with high-quality coffee, day after day and well into the future.


Innovation always strives for improvement. With the WMFSteamJet you get the perfect cup temperature in a few seconds!
   WMF SteamJet heats up cups

With the optional WMF SteamJet every cup will be at the required temperature within seconds! In this heated cup, your Cafe Creme or Espresso keeps longer its warmth (Option)

   Space-saving due to slim design

The WMF1500S has a narrow width of just 325mm, freeing up space which can be utilised for other coffee machines or accessories.

The EASY MILK-System

With the EASY MILK-System, the WMF1500S creates hot milk, hot milk foam and also cold milk for individual beverages at the touch of a button.

Small-Medium-Large Functions

Each desired beverage is simply matched to the various predefined filling volumes.



Clear signals

The WMF 1500 S MMI-Touch Display
With its revolutionary “Man Machine Interface” Touch Display, the WMF1500S makes everything quick to understand and easy to use. For guests in self-service it is incredibly easy to create a perfect coffee quality!

Illuminated panels with signal function

The attractive, illuminated side panels of the WMF1500S suit every ambience and serve as a visual signaller. The blinking of the side panels in a signal colour would, for instance, advertise the empty bean hopper.

Easy upkeep

Basic maintenance tasks you will be able to carry out yourself. Making your machine a rare sight for the WMF service technician.


   Timer function for perfect timing!

The timer function makes it possible to turn the WMF1500S on or off whenever it suits you. Individual functions can also be activated or deactivated.


Accessory parts of the NEW GENERATION

Perfectly designed for the NEW GENERATION, the new WMFCupRack
warms up your cups, while the new WMFCup&Cool provides cold milk and warm cups all in one.


Vending devices

We’ve thought of everything: with a separate machine to provide the correct change, a coin checker or a card reader the WMF1500S can be transformed into a completely independent coffee selling station.

Mobile Station

You decide where your machine goes! The Mobile Station requires no connection to mains water supply, only to an electricity source

Water filter

Continuous de-calcification: a WMF Water filter reduces the need for frequent maintenance checks while improving taste and and increases durability of your machine.



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