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Office Coffee Solutions and Break Services

We believe you deserve a gourmet coffee at your work place!

Super Automatic Coffee Machines...

Never worry about a stale pot of coffee. Our Bean-To-Cup machines will grind fresh beans and dispense each individual cup, 24 hours a day. Ideal for those night owls...

Our most popular model for the office coffee program is the Schaerer Coffee Press. The Coffee Press is a powerful, yet very cost effective bean to cup coffee maker, ideal for any place that needs fresh quality coffee such as:

Office Coffee Break Services
Reception and Customer Meetings
Travel and Insurance Agencies
Banks and Government Offices
Engineering and Consulting Offices
Lawyers, Dental and Doctor Offices
Car dealerships and any other showroom
Retail and quick serve c-stores

Impress your customers with gourmet coffee, espresso and even latte or cappuccino. The Schaerer and WMF product range features many such options.



Dear Coffee Lover,

Since we know many people would like to enjoy gourmet coffee while at work we, at SupraMatic, know how to satisfy coffee lovers' desires.

A package, which includes coffee beans and super automatic machines, have been selected exclusively to suit the needs of your office. Our premium gourmet coffee beans are specifically formulated for brewing on super automatic machines. Not only do our beans provide a desirable and fresh cup of coffee, but so does the Pressure Brew Aroma System.

And this is how we brew our coffee...

Pressure Brew Aroma System

The brewing method is as important as the coffee blend. For each individual cup of coffee, whole beans are freshly ground and brewed on our Super Automatic Coffee Machines, to guaranty 100% freshness.

Keeping the extraction time (contact between the water and the coffee grinds) at a minimum, reduces the extraction of unwanted substances such as caffeine and tannin.

To maximize the aroma extraction, we brew each individual cup in a confined brewing chamber, where the grounds are compressed to a puck (see left), under high pressure.

The end result is the unmistakable aroma of fresh coffee. Each cup is crowned with a gold coloured froth, called crèma, preserving the full flavour for you to explore.

Read more about pressure brewing...

Traditional Espresso Machines:

We also carry a full line of traditional Automatic or Semi Automatic espresso machine for low volume applications, perfect for the office:

Have a look at the large product line up from Quickmill.
These powerful platforms feature the commercial grade E61 group heads:

Quick Mill

The LaSpaziale models are a bit larger and offer more automation with volumetric controls:


For further information contact the following office:

Greater Toronto Area:

SupraMatic Tel: 905-279-3666 info101@supramatic.com


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