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How tro order from us

IntelliShot by SureShot

Advanced Portion Control
Refrigerated Liquid Dispensers

cream Dispenser

Perfect Portion Control. It saves time and money.
It makes beverages taste great. It builds customer loyalty.

SureShot Dispensing Systems® Advanced Portion Control Refrigerated Liquid Dispensers offer perfect portion control for all kinds of liquids, including cream, milk, juices, liquid egg, iced coffee, milkshake mixes, and proprietary beverage bases. Through proprietary SureShot Dispensing Systems® IntelliShot technology, these dispensers will transform your entire full service beverage program!

Your customers will appreciate taste consistency and speedy service. Your employees will appreciate how easy the dispensers are to clean, operate and load. Plus, you'll enjoy the dramatic cost savings of bulk buying, controlling usage and maximizing your operational efficiency.

SureShot Dispensing Systems® offer you maximum supplier flexibility: use standard dairy bags from your current dairy supplier, pour product into our refillable containers, or choose a Bag-In-Box Program via our dairy partners. The choice is yours!

Fast. Efficient. Consistent.


     IntelliShot DISPENSERS

  1. Perfect Portion Control with the push of a button via unique IntelliShot Advanced Portion Control technology.

  2. User-friendly, multi-functional control panel enables accurate dispensing of product in appropriate volume sets for all of your cup sizes and menu items.

  3. Includes an easy to read digital temperature and diagnostic/product selection display.

  4. Dramatic cost savings by eliminating the waste and excess usage associated with free-pouring liquids and eliminating expensive individual packaged creamers.

  5. Optional "Fill-In-Place" capability features clear plastic containers that may be easily filled in place and reset to any half gallon level. The refillable containers are made of resilient polypropylene for excellent durability and clarity.

  6. Easy to clean and maintain.
     Innovative dispensers for your
     unique business.



  1. Special Non-Drip System eliminates product waste and countertop spills.

  2. Designed with sanitation in mind - even the dispense valve is refrigerated for maximum product quality and safety.

  3. Reliable refrigeration system ensures optimal product shelf-life.

  4. Durable stainless steel construction and high quality components ensure reliable operation.

  5. Available with Bag-In-Box-compatible Product Box Ramp, Product Case Caddy for standard dairy bags or Refillable Containers.

  6. Optional Catch Tray and Safety Door Latch available.

  7. Optional infrared field programming capability and custom functionality available.

  8. Your choice of feet/legs (1", 2.5" or 4").

  9. Standard warranty is one year, on-site parts & labor.

  10. USA and Canada-wide Technical Service Network with lifetime Technical Assistance Center support.









A/C Supply


1 product, portion
controlled liquid dispenser



1 x 2.5 gallons
(1 x 10 litres)

17.75" x 9.5" x 24"

120v AC, 1ph, 60Hz, 1amp


2 product, Fill-In-Place**
portion controlled liquid dispenser with clear plastic refillable containers



2 x 2.5 gallons
(2 x 10 litres)

22" x 12" x 24"

120v AC, 1ph, 60Hz, 1amp


2 product, portion
controlled liquid dispenser



2 x 2.5 gallons
(2 x 10 litres)

22" x 15.5" x 24"

120v AC, 1ph, 60Hz, 1amp


NOTE: Volume commitments apply for some models. Contact SureShot for details.
* Height measurement with standard 1" legs installed. 2.5" and 4" legs also available.
** Fill-In-Place capability with Refillable Containers only.
*** Custom control options are available. Additional Design, Programming and Engineering fees may apply.

Note: Refillable Containers not available with AC120-SS models.
        : AC230-SS model features additional width to accommodate center spout standard dairy bags.
        : Optional Catch Tray, Safety Door Latch and standard or custom Decals available.

NSF 20 and UL endorsed.


Cream Dispenser Containers







NSF 20 and UL endorsed. 

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